“I used my first E-PET therapy kit just recently and the results look very favorable..."
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- Dr. Jim Nash DVM
  Horner & Nash, Canton GA

"I started using fat-derived stem cells in 2005 to treat tendon and ligament injuries.  Results were good but with streamlined processes, I now use MS-EQ marrow-based therapies from VetCell which have shown a marked difference with suspensory ligaments.  Outcomes are much better than with conservative management...

"...Is MS-EQ cost effective?  I would say yes.  With stem cell therapy and patience and good veterinarian oversight, injured horses can be solid performers for many years."
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-Dr. Jose Garcia-Lopez, VMD
Diplomate of the ACVS
Associate Professor of
           Large Animal Surgery
Tufts University – Medford, MA

"I have been using the E-PET system for both soft tissue lesions and intra-articular use and have been excited by the results. ... More importantly for the owners and trainers of race horses and sport horses is that the re-injury rate has decreased significantly when compared to the previous PRP system we were using."
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- Charles C.M. Arensberg, VMD
  Equine Veterinary Care, Elkton MD

“I have been using the E-PET kit from VetCell as my treatment of choice for several ligamentous and tendinous lesions over the last year. The kit is very user friendly, having the advantage of being truly ‘stall-side’. I had previously used other methods for obtaining PRP which were time-consuming..."
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- Dr. Jonathan McLellan, DVM 
  Infield Equine Diagnostics, Ocala FL
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