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What is new with EPA, VetCell and Equine Stem Cell Therapy
Foremost stem cell authority Dr. Roger Smith to participates in educational seminar hosted by Palm Beach Equine Clinic

We'd like to thank everybody for the wonderful turnout we enjoyed in Wellington on January 16, when Dr. Roger Smith spoke on "A Biological Approach to treating Tendon and Ligament Injuries".   We'd like to thank Drs. Smith and Schaffer for their time and informative insights, as well as the entire staff of the Palm Beach Equine Clinic for their generous efforts.  With over 30 equine practitioners attending the event, the feedback we have gotten has been tremendous.

Dr Roger K Smith

Drs. Scott Swerdlin, Jeffrey Schaffer, R.K. Smith, and M. McCracken, Equine Partners

EPA Participating in new Trials/Studies

2012 will be an exciting year for us, as we are working with our partners on getting several studies and trials off the ground.

The most important trial we are starting is on RenovoCyte's new stem cell protocol for tendon and ligament injuries.  It will be using a unique and non-invasive collection method for stem cells using skin.  We are looking for candidates for this trial and to get us started, the pricing is extremely attractive for the first 6 to 10 horses.  So if you have a need and want to be part of a great new offering, please call us at 1-800-752-8538 to get the details on the protocol.

A Bleeders Study has already begun with RenovoCyte, and again, we are still looking for candidates for this study.  We have had great results thus far.   We would be happy to discuss the stem cell protocol that will be used in the study so again, if you have any candidates, please let us know.  We will also begin a Laminitis Study with RenovoCyte, again using RenovoCyte's large dose stem cell protocol.

Finally, we continue to accept applicants for the trial involving platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem-cell treatment, which utilize Pall's Equine Platelet Enhanced Therapy (E-PET) and VetCell stem cell protocol. This trial is dedicated to addressing soft-tissue injuries sustained in various disciplines, specifically to ligaments and tendons common in the equine athlete.