MS-EQ / StemRegen
Concentrated Autologous Stem Cells for Maximum Healing
Stem cells occur naturally in the body and have the unique capacity to renew themselves and develop into specialized cell types. As such, they are the body’s own “repair kit,” allowing an injured horse to naturally regenerate tissue that has been damaged. But for some horse injuries existing quantities of stem cells cannot cope with the severity of the damage. Beginning in 2005, extensive research by VetCell Biosciences has proven that by creating large concentrations of stem cells from a horse’s own bone marrow and then injecting them into the injury, many horses thought to be permanently crippled by tendon and ligament injuries can be returned to full service.

Using VetCell MS-EQ/StemRegen is the difference between injecting an expanded stem cell population of a known, viable dose versus an unknown population of various cells. With MS-EQ/StemRegen, the total number of stem cells per dose is based on the known optimal dosing schedules and is not limited by the size of the tissue sample taken.  Our system also allows for removal of extraneous debris, sterility confirmation and virtually unlimited potential doses from a single collection. These procedures are virtually impossible with in-house systems or with products that are not cultured.
MS-EQ / StemRegen is the stem cell therapy service from VetCell Americas.
Cells for use in the treatment can be aspirated in a number of ways. (see below)
RenovoCyte Laboratories in the U.S. then separates, multiplies and cryo-stores the cells. A suspension containing 10 million autologous stem cells is returned to the horse's veterinarian for ultrasound-guided implantation directly into the core of the tendon/ligament lesion. The horse then undergoes a carefully controlled exercise program that encourages a return to full fitness.
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