E-PET (Equine Platelet Enhancement Therapy)
Portable, non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical platelet therapy
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a component of blood in which the platelets are concentrated into a limited volume.  Platelets contain many growth factors that enhance wound healing and help promote tissue regeneration.  Once platelets have adhered to injured vessels they release granules to start the clotting process.  From this network the platelets then release growth factors inside the wound, of which PDGF, IGF and TFG play the most important roles.

Equine Platelet Enhanced Therapy (E-PET) from VetCell is a portable kit that makes the harvesting, filtration and injection of a horse’s own platelet-rich blood extremely easy and maximally effective.  Made in America by Pall Corporation, E-PET achieves the three key factors of successful platelet therapy:
It is portable.  As a sterile kit, E-PET makes it easy to provide stall-side treatment.  Having an E-PET kit on hand allows the vet to diagnose, advise and treat all in one visit.

It is easy to use.   In just 15 minutes, the veterinarian can prepare an average 7.2x increase in platelet concentration every time.  This is only possible in a closed-system kit with precise filtration.  It is an advanced technique over lab-based concentration which takes considerable time and equipment.

The enhancement process is gentle on platelets, ensuring that all growth factors remain intact and that they do not activate prior to injection.
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Actual E-PET (formerly fPRP) kit in use stall-side.
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