Autocell EQ
RenovoCyte’s Equine Stem Cell Therapy

In early 2011, VetCell enlisted a new laboratory partner for its stem cell processing- RenovoCyte. We are very excited and energized by this relationship, as RenovoCyte is an innovative company with equine treatments that utilize sources of stem cells to target specific diseases.

Using optimized routes for the administration of cells, RenovoCyte’s Autocell EQ treats common and chronic equine conditions such as: arthritis; exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage; and rhabdomyolysis, the breakdown of muscle fibers into the bloodstream more commonly known as “tying up”.

Mesencymal stromal cells (MSC) can be obtained from wolf teeth, testes, placenta, and/or skin biopsy. In addition, RenovoCyte has recently qualified skin as an MSC source in the equine, and they have adopted a process that will allow for intravenous (IV) administration of the stem cell therapies.

All treatments are autologous and consist of a 50-million cell dose given intravenously through a catheter. The treatments arrive overnight at the veterinary hospital, cold and in a 250ml saline bag ready for infusion with a 15ml filtered drip set. No preparation is necessary before infusion.

For additional information about the revolutionary AutoCell EQ or its application, please contact Moira McCracken, Director of Veterinary Sales, at (800) 752-8538 or .
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